October 25th, 2007

Cthulu Pentacle

Turning Characters Into Adventurers

So, I've been gone for a bit.  Haven't been doing much in the world of RPGs for a bit.  Anyhow.  I have recently continued my D&D campaign and seem to be running into a bit of a problem with my players.  The issue seems to be that I cannot get their characters to turn into adventurers.  

The campaign started with two common folk - an inkeeper's son and a hired hand of the inn.  They found a map on a dead guy, struck out to find fortune along with a couple of hired swords.  By the end of that story arc, they had gained three levels experience and returned home to a bittersweet homecoming.

I had hoped that the wonder and thrill of the adventure and the less than warm return would have been enough to let the players allow their characters to jump from incidental adventurer to adventure seeker.  This did not pan out.

Second adventure has come around and I have still have the same two core character, even though we have a new player and tow of the previous players made new characters.  We have a better mix of characters this time and the characters have an adventure under their belt.

So, why will they not let themselves be adventurers?  They still seem locked into the mode of hapless commoners caught in the middle of events.  Sure, they did find themselves in the middle of a bad situation but rather than embracing it, I had to come up with a few contrivences to get them motivated.

Any thoughts or suggestions?