October 21st, 2007

Why do you play?

When I was very young and first started playing (ages 7 to 13), I was a power gamer and the prospect of creating a godlike character who could do or be anything was tantalizing.
As I matured (14 to 25) I began to really familiarize myself with rules and began to appreciate classes in D&D that I had never approached before. The idea of creating something that added to a GM's world is what kept bringing me back, the shared storytelling exercise is what thrilled me and got me excited to play a new game, or continue playing one I was already very familiar with.
These days (from age 26 to present, I turn 31 in two weeks) I go purely for the social aspect. I have several gamer friends that I've known for over a decade and seeing them every week has become a rote part of my life. In some ways I feel that I have made a commitment to my fellow gamers to be there every week simply because of our friendships.

I am curious to hear the reasons for why you play role-playing games. Where do you find enjoyment from the game and what keeps bringing you back?

EDIT: I want to stress that this post is a non-judgemental forum. If you post a comment and somebody criticizes you for why you play, I will delete those comments from the post.