October 14th, 2007

Shadow person

Keep the Mechanic, Change The Setting

Have you ever done this? Keep a favourite mechanic, e.g. the old Chaosium d100 system or the World of Darkness' dice pools, and design your own setting and have your characters play in that rather than in, say, RuneQuest or the World of Darkness?

For instance, retooling a supers game like Heroes Unlimited to the world of Strontium Dog from the 2000AD comic? (i.e. it's the far future; all characters are mutants, whole generations warped by strontium fallout from a nuclear war in the distant past; the characters are backed with nifty tech; all characters have one power; the power range is limited; there's no Invulnerability power; the characters all have a job working for the law as freelance bounty hunters, and norms hate them).

Conversely, have you kept the setting and imported your own game mechanic instead because it works better than the rubbish game engine they have?

IOW, how much do you like to mix things up in your own game?
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[Make Game$ Fast] A game design contest!

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[Contest] Right here?

Who here has entered roleplaying game design contests? So far, I've entered Game Chef 2006, Sight & Sound and 24h Espionage. I wussed out of Reversed Engineer.

They're tough, interesting, and a great way to get talking to other people about games. I've learned to enjoy more kinds of games than I expected. And for me, contests that promote playtesting and feedback are especially fun.

Might a game design contest run entirely on LJ work?

Hell, we've had the Supergirl and Batgirl meme. Anyone fancy a  24h roleplaying design meme?