October 13th, 2007

Original Wide Awake

My kingdom for some OC's

I think this is my first post here, so here's to hoping I'm doing it right.

So, I recently moved across the country and lost my gaming group. We'd been gaming together for years. We did everything; AD&D, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, World of Darkness, Shadowrun, Palladium, and the list goes on. Anyway, my point is that we got along great. Despite all of us having different goals in gaming, we managed to play to each other's desires and stuff and everyone had fun.

So, I've been a little nervous about looking for a new group. I mean, I like the roleplay the most. I'm in it for the character development and interactions. In the past, I've had a hard time finding others that want the same. So, I thought I might turn to some internet based games. From what I'd seen in the past, they all seem to be fairly character-centric. It seems like exactly what I'm looking for.

But, hell. I've yet to see anything that focuses on original characters. I've always had way more fun with OC's than trying to play someone else's creation. I'm always afraid of someone saying the dreaded, "Uh, dude... so-and-so wouldn't do that."

I actually saw an RP today that I would have joined in a heartbeat, but upon looking at the character list, I realized they were all real celebrities. If I'm uncomfortable playing someone else's creation, I'm certainly uncomfortable playing someone else.

So... where's all the original characters, guys? Do they still exist on the net?
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Just a Vent

I am running a short-term tabletop game, and I'm only planning for three sessions before the plot and thus campaign are over. I have a group of five friends who are all desperate to play, and each would be equally hurt to be left out. Due to extremely diverse schedules, the only time the whole group can get together is Sunday afternoons. I try very hard to schedule said afternoons in advance, keeping everyone's plans and schedules in mind. I issue scheduling emails, but only three of the five respond to them, and then those who did not respond later ask that the games be moved due to previous plans. People black out specific Sundays in advance. It wound up that we can only meet over two months after the first session, which was one full month after the character-creation session, and we haven't even agreed on a date yet. It may well wind up being later yet. The third and final session hasn't even been spoken of yet, but it will more than likely run afoul of the Christmas/New Years season (even though I started the game in August), and it does not look likely that we will get the final session within even two months of the second one. I am getting frustrated and I'm starting to lose my feel for the game.

It's even crossed my mind to throw my hands in the air and cancel the game altogether, but I know I won't. I'll finish it, and just try to remind myself that my players must really love playing in my games if they try so hard to fit it in, even if it is really difficult.

This is not a vent about my players or anything, it's just frustrating that all our schedules are so disparate.


I wish we didn't have to work for a living.