October 11th, 2007


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First, the good stuff. Because I never post enough about that.

We got back on plot this week. We killed 14 Orcs, a hill giant and, get this, a Young Red Dragon. We had a lot of fun. No one died (yay!) though it was close a few times. We found creative use for stoneshape, which lead to our DM going bwah. And Ray of Enfeeblement FTW! Seriously. The Sorcerer cohert brought the dragon from a 24STR to a 12STR (two shots, one crit). The DM ruled that meant that the dragon couldn't support itself anymore.

Now the not so good.
I know this is a common problems in gaming groups, but this week (and last) were terrible with it.

The problem is that our group constantly goes out of character. It has been a problem lately because players had been really board, but even during that epic dragon fight it was a problem.

Some of it was rules discussion, and the DM finally said to Fighter and Cleric "guys you don't know about the different types of dragons and can't plan for stuff like that. Stop metagaming." But that has really been the extent of foot putting down. Often it has fallen to me or Wizard or sometime Rogue to drag the boys back in character.

Now part of this is the DM. He isn't reading when people are getting board. But not all of it is. There were times during combat that it became impossible to hear the person whose turn it was (esp Wizard who talks quitely). The DM was participating as well. We had to keep going "it's [characters] turn". The fight went on much longer because of that.

That isn't the only problem. There was a five minute discussion on the difference between readying an action and delaying it. The Wizard, who caused the problem in the first place, started to glaze over. It wasn't the right time for the discussion and yet, we couldn't drag them out of it.

The Wizard finally wrote down her, and her coherts, attack with a ray because every single game, sometimes more then once, we'd get "how do I fire a ray again?"

But does anyone have any good advice for cutting down the OOC chatter? I think a lot of the other issues would be dealable once we aren't spending 1/2 the game, or more some weeks, out of character.