October 5th, 2007

Voodoo Dolly
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Charm and Control

So, working on the magic system for an RPG, and fleshing out two sections which allow mind control, and emotion control.  I'm considering doing a poll with the player base to decide whether or not emotions and thoughts are 'sacrosanct' (ie, one of the things magic and psionics can not influence).

Personally, I'm fine with these kind of spells and effects.  Dominate and Majesty (from V:tR), Charm Person, Suggestion (D&D), and other such things are what I consider tropes for the genre.  There are stories all over the place of 'the hero is controlled by the evil mage / vampire, and fights the good guys, only to possibly break free at the critical moment' or even 'only to awaken later to find all that he loved is dead by his hand, thus he must atone and vows vengeance'.

Opinions and Thoughts?
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Red Rackham?
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Artificers and Jawbreakers

A month or so back someone here had posted about the innovative uses of the spell Prestidigitation (sp) and the one idea that I liked was the jawbreaker...
We just started a Eberron campaign in which I am playing a artificer... I talked about the idea of inventing a jawbreaker with my GM and he quite likes the idea too. He said he would allow it... if I could come up with a way to make one... I looked in the DMG and the cost to make one would be ridiculous the way they suggest it... (1000 gold per...) and the GM person agrees that it sounds ridiculous as they should be easily affordable for everyone to enjoy (his reasoning, "Everyone likes jawbreakers") 
Problem is I am not very familiar with item crafting rules so could someone more knowledgeable here provide me with some insight and advice on how I could go about doing this. 

Edit: JawBreaker = Candy that last a long time and turns your mouth colours and what not.