September 28th, 2007

Snake and Ladder

Ethics of Borrowing Ideas

While I occasionally have ideas that don't, on the surface, have any outside inspiration, most of the time I populate my games with content liberally borrowed from other media.

Previously, I haven't been too concerned about hiding the origin point of these ideas, because either the homage was intentional, or I wasn't the first to do something like it. Recently, though, I find myself wanting to borrow ideas from two sources that I'm a little nervous about.

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  • casiel

fledgling dragons as familiars

Is there a 3.5 D&D book that details the requirements for having a wyrmling or very young dragon as a familiar? The critter I've in mind would be a small Black Dragon.

I know the pseudodragon is an option with the Improved Familiar Feat for Good arcane casters, but what about true dragons?

This is for an NPC, not a player.