September 27th, 2007

  • casiel

GM Accents

Paizo just announced they're selling two audio CDs that can help you with a more passable Cockney, Queen's English, Irish, or Scottish accent.

My accents are horrible and I'd invest in these if I had the spare cash. It would be nice if they also came out with a Spanish, French, German, Indian, and Chinese/Japanese, but I imagine the fate of future CDs relies on the success of the two that are currently out.
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  • trizia

Scion Hero help requested

After a month of reading I started running a one-player game of this last night, with the intention of moving it up to three or four players, but I have a few questions the answers to which either aren't in the rules or I just can't spot.

1)Can Scions identify other Scions just by looking at them? E.g. if a Scion goes into a bar where a Scion he hasn't met before will he know that the other guy is a Scion, or will he just know there is another one in the area, or will he only notice him if he uses Perception and something?

2)What do two Scions produce if they breed?

3)What do a Scion and a mortal produce?