September 25th, 2007

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How do you enjoy your roleplaying?

I want to know. Really. Back when tashiro was making with all the posts about instant character death, I asked him what his roleplaying priorities were. Specifically, what he enjoyed most out of the game. I was driving at the idea that he loved setting first, and character second. Hence the irrational disregard for personal character safety :P. But more importantly, I wanted to get at the Why of his roleplay. Some people want to play for the tactical thrill of a good combat. Others just want a combat system that's complex and entertaining. Still others want to act as participants in a grand drama. What drives you?

Me, I like the interpersonal roleplay. By that I mean the bits that come when you're just dealing with the details of each character's lives. Not plot, not driving home personal story lines, just dealing with the characters in and of themselves. For me, the best games are those where the characters develop real bonds to one another. Kinda like in Firefly, where the crew became a real family in the last few episodes. This doesn't mean I dislike the story, setting, or gameplay, but those usually come second for me.

So, how do you like to roleplay? What type of roleplay do you get the biggest kick out of? To be clear, saying that you love rolling dice and chopping kobolds in two is fine by me. So is saying that you could care less if your character lives or dies, as long as you have an internally consistent setting. I just want to know what you like.
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I made a post sometime at the beginning of the month about chat rps. I was curious as to where everyone went. Well, now I'm wondering if anyone can give me any pointers, advice, or just plain help with how to work with the sites I'm being led to. I feel like such a fool, but you're really only a fool if you don't ask when you're confused.

Basically, I'm saying that I'm lost. I'm looking for a place for casual chatting where I can go into a room/session for a couple hours (or maybe even all night when I'm off and staying home) and really don't have much of a character sheet to have to worry about. If I have to join a game/site to do this, that's fine. I just don't want to join something that I'm going to have to be on constantly because the owners/moderators are demanding activity.

What kind of program should I be using? There seem to be several different things out and about that I can use and it's got my brain all deflated. The sites I'm looking at have so much information crammed all into one place that I really don't know what I'm looking for. I guess that's what I get for turning to journal RPs for so many years, eh?

Thanks in advance, ladies and gents.
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