September 20th, 2007


Seeking gameplay session logs.

It would appear that I'm enjoying a random encounter with the Insomnia Bug.

So let's see your previous campaigns.
Story writeups, session logs, character journals, and the like. Not for inspiration or for the PLOTSTEALINZ, but because I, like many of you, genuinely and immensely enjoy the stories that are created from great games.

I'm currently perusing Shiny, Shiny Elves, and enjoying it pretty thoroughly! =P

Any Campaign websites you care to share with us, personal or otherwise?

i'll have the snark-flavored doritoes, thanks....

guys, please don't drag your laptop to gaming. seriously, you don't know how obnoxious it is to be involved with (or even be a spectator to) a RP where the players are barely speaking because everyone is looking at their screens, and not at each other. you spend enough time with your laptop at home, i know it says it's just there to help you do research and take notes for the game, but really once the game starts it's just going to be tempting you with email and snarky movie reviews....

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Keeping the pot boiling, which may be a mistake. That Star Wars gaming discussion the other day; I know that part of what got called into question was the assumption that gamers largely aren't interested in Star Wars as a gameverse. So I figured, why not ask folks?

I've made the answers intenionally oversimplified, but I'm trying to be fair about why we might really like or dislike Star Wars gaming.

Poll #1058524 Star Wars Gaming Poll

Would you want to play in the Star Wars Universe?

Yes, unconditionally. It's Star Wars, and I freakin' love Star Wars.
Yes, but only if I could be involved in the big movie conflicts (Imps verses Rebels, Jedi vs. Sith, etc.)
Yes, but I'd rather play with periods/themes suggested by the movies rather than dealt with directly; Mandolorians, the Corporate Sector, etc.
Maybe. I can enjoy a game in any setting, provided the way the GM handles that setting allows me to investigate themes I enjoy.
No. It's not Star Wars per se, I just don't like sci-fi/space opera.
No. I like sci-fi and space opera gaming, but I don't like the Star Wars setting.
No. I like sci-fi, I like space opera, and I like Star Wars, but I don't like the idea and/or execution of handling it as an RPG.

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The other thing from the last few days that seems to have generated crankiness seems to have been the issue of killing characters.

Thinking about this, I have this feeling that you've got two rival and equally valid schools of thought here, and that maybe what keeps conflict from happening sometimes are situations where the players and GM fall into the same philosophy;

  • The GM's a storyteller and a facilitator as well as a referee. So the GM should fudge things a little to make sure people have a good time, and that means some lethal situations are made a lot less lethal, on the spot.

  • The GM's a referee and a facilitator as well as a storyteller. So the GM should never fudge things. Having a good time means you have to accept a chance of screwing up, blowing up, and dying, even in situations you consider meaningless, because otherwise aren't you being railroaded?

While the boss is away...

I've been in China for 3.5 weeks and unable to access LJ.  I get the impression there were some heated discussions on here since then.  I don't have the bandwidth to review several hundred comments, and I'm not going to.  I am however going to remind everyone that civility is the rule, and I'm happy to enforce it.  With my banhammer, if necessary.

Happy posting!

3.5 weeks, eh? Odd.

Poll #1058598 Why is Silent Clarity in China?

It's conspicuously suspicious that Silent Clarity has been gone for precisely 3.5 weeks ...

Is it because he's secretly working on D&D 4.0?
Is it because he's hoarding lead for a new line of Roleplayers Community miniatures?
Is it because he plans on backing up his Mod powers with wikkid kewl kung fus?
All of the above?

Remember, if enough of us believe it, Consensual Reality will make it true! (and don't worry, inevitability will take the inevitable paradox backlash).