September 19th, 2007

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AD&D 2E DMing advice

So, I've lurked in this communit for a while, and I now have a question. I am going to be DMing an AD&D 2E game for some friends here at college. I've run different games before (homebrew system/world, It Came From The Late Late Late Show) and played in 3.5 games as well as some 2/3Ed. Shadowrun. But I was wondering if anyone on here had any advice about running 2E, as well as any house rules they use. My players (4 of them) range from never played to experienced player/DM.

But yeah, just curious about any advice or stories about running 2E. any help is appreciated.
St. Germain's Fair, foire, go play, game

Tell me something cool that happened in your last game.

Straight from the ENnie award nominated podcast, The Sons of Kryos, tell me something cool that happened in your last game.

We're playing D&D 3.5 and because we're all first-level characters, we all suck when we're trying anything. However, I notice that my pre-generated character has a high Charisma and is totally maxed out in Bluff, so every time he attempted something and failed (which was a lot), I described that whatever he did as looking totally cool. Blew a jump roll from a picnic table to another one? It looked jaw-droppingly impressive.

So, gimme a cool thing from your last game.

Don't Bring Your DISINTERESTED Girlfriend

Seriously, don't.

I am absolutely not saying girls can't game. I know lots who can. Just like I see lots of girls in football jerseys in the sportsbars on Sunday screaming as loud as any guy. But there's something different about those girls, just like there's something different about girls who game well:

They did it BEFORE they met you.

"But my girlfriend is different." No, she's not. Being into anime does not mean she'll make a good gamer.

Seriously, don't.

Because the rest of us are going to have to put up with hours of her sitting there saying "What do I do now?" while you make her rolls for her again and again and again. Not to mention the fact that she completely deactivates you while you feebly try to help her limp along.

It's like watching a lion tamer trying to wave a dolphin through a plastic ring.

She doesn't enjoy it. She's never going to enjoy it. And if you don't enjoy it there's no way you're going to do the homework required to play it.

So don't.

It's this simple. You want your girl to love you for who you are. Well, do the same. Either accept the fact that you are not with a gamer girl or find a gamer girl.

"But my girlfriend is a gamer." No, she's not. If she were she'd already be in a gaming group and wouldn't need to get into yours. Can you seriously believe that a gamer girl can't find a group in five seconds flat no matter how full it already is?

So please, I beg you, for all our sakes...


Edit: Damnit. I realized some people had a point.

There's a big difference between a girlfriend with a genuine desire to try this whole RPG thing out and a completely disinterested girl the guy is desperately trying to mold into his own geeken image.

This entry deals exclusively with the latter.