September 16th, 2007

Avatar creation software

I would really like to offer my players something like MMORPG's have, where they can build a character and then I can alter it to show any new clothes or equipment they acquire. It just helps everyone keep track of everything, and players seem to really like having a visual representation of their character and all their stuff. Unfortunately, I'm completely artistically challenged, so I'm trying to find some software that acts like a virtual paper doll, so to speak.

I can't seem to find anything suitable. I thought I might just get a copy of The Sims, but they are so ugly. I found a program called People Putty, but again just so ugly. I thought I might get a children's program but they are all so Barbie-ish. There are some on the web, but they just don't have enough options. I tried to use Poser, but it was clearly way over my head. Something like Poser but much simpler would be fantastic.

Is there anything like this I can find? I appreciate any suggestions. Surely I'm not the first roleplayer who wants to do this.