September 14th, 2007

Got Kink?

an "I" Game

Has anyone played an "I" Game?

When your all sitting around a table and you tell the person to your left that there is a knock at the door, or that they have suddenly fallen into "couch world?" (cheesy, but

I would love to know if other gamers play this game, and any great experiences that you have had?

The ultimate in lets pretend...
no sheets
no score
no problems
all fun?

Voodoo Dolly

Idle Question

It is nice hearing the discussions that come up here from time to time, so here's a question I'd like to see discussed:
As a Game Master, if you're running a serious-setting RPG... would you allow a TPK?  (Total Party Kill)
Under what circumstances would you allow it?

For example:  I've wiped out entire PC parties in Call of Cthulhu, Dungeons and Dragons, I almost got two fatalities in Exalted (I've had one death in Exalted).

Would you allow a TPK or a death to occur without meaning?

Example:  In Exalted, that one death was because the PC had found a disk with a button on it.  After the 'big battle', he looked at the item and pushed the button.  The resulting explosion killed him, and almost killed one of the other PCs.  I saw no reason to give him or anyone else warning as to what the device did.

When the PCs battled a different 'big end guy', one of the PCs was almost killed on the spot from attacking the end guy.  The other players protested loudly, though she was more okay with it than they were.  The only reason she was allowed to survive, is allowed that one of the PCs who had a crush on her had given her one of the little voo-doo dolls which can save people's lives.

I've had an entire D&D group killed by the first breath attack of a dracolich.  No survivors there.  They showed up for the next session with new characters, quite content to continue.

So, curious as to what other GMs allow, and under what circumstances.

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