September 13th, 2007

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Shock: Commodified

So me and a couple of my housemates got to play Shock last week. For those of you who haven't heard of it, it's a game that's trying to emulate social science fiction - sci-fi that's about exploring social issues like Blade Runner. We made a setting that was a far flung future where everything was commodified. Basically, capitalism taken to a ridiculous extreme. Each person's eyeballs had implants that made everything around you look like an Ikea catalog. You see someone you're interested in, you can see how much it costs to have them flirt with you, go out for coffee, etc. Nothing is illegal, as long as you can pay for it.

I played a "collections agent" who, in this setting, is someone that goes around executing individuals that have fallen too far behind in their oxygen usage payments. He ended up discovering a bug in the accounting system that was causing people to go into the execution queue that were fully paid up, and ended up holding the engineers of the system hostage until they fixed it while fighting off a siege of other collections agents.

The whole game was really, well, intelligent. The game had me seriously thinking about things and being all philosophical and shit. I definitely want to try it again sometime, and maybe someday revisit the Collections Agent and play him again.

L5R Downloads, 3rd Edition?

This will be cross-posted, so please excuse the mess.

A friend of mine is looking to run an online campaign, using the L5R setting with modifications, and the L5R system. He has a hardbound copy of the text (Legend of the Five Rings, 3rd Edition) but we've been unable to find a PDF version for distribution to the group. We'd be perfectly happy to pay a reputable vendor for the privilege, but so far he claims he hasn't seen it for sale.

Does anyone know where we might acquire this?

Thank you all in advance!


ETA: We have a winner already --such prompt responses!

But if people would like to comment on the system, or any potential difficulties running online with it, I'd be interested to hear as a potential player/co-GM.
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