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Wednesday, September 12th, 2007
2:05p - New LARP in Mass

First event is September 28th-30th. I was lucky enough to play test this game and I was really impressed. Great plot, costuming, props, everything. If you are free that weekend I highly suggest checking it out.

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3:13p - Need help with my Feh Wu
I don't usually run Space games, but I am now and I need the names of some parts that'll break on a Firefly. I've got Compression coil and Primary buffer panel, but I need the names of more small but important bits to break, both for space and atmo travel. If y'all could make some suggestions, I'd appreciate it. Oh, I don't care if it's a real component, just something spacer-sounding in techno-babble would be shiney. Thanks.

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10:02p - Live with Kevin Siembieda, 9/14, 10:00 p.m. EDT
I am delighted to announce that on Friday, September 14th, at 10 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Pacific, I will be conducting a live call-in talk radio interview with Palladium Books publisher Kevin Siembieda and Harmony Gold representative Tommy Yune on my Robotech talk show, Space Station Liberty (http://terrania.us/liberty/). The interview will focus on the Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles roleplaying game, which Siembieda has announced has finally been fully licensed. After I finish my prepared questions, I will open the lines to callers to ask their questions.

Anyone who wishes to call in to the show to listen or participate will be welcome to do so. Questions do not need to be only about Robotech, but can cover anything about Palladium or Harmony Gold that you'd like to ask. I will ask that you be civil, however.

I've written a comprehensive page on the various methods of connecting to TalkShoe at http://terrania.us/talkshoe/ that covers in detail all the ways to listen or participate but Collapse )

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