September 4th, 2007

35th level geek


So. Anyone going to be getting into Living Forgotten Realms when it launches? I myself have never gotten into a living campaign and just might do it so I can get in 'on the ground floor' so to speak.

Lost Games

We've all been in one... a game that got started, perhaps even got it's groove on, and then ended before it's time. Before the story was told (if it was a game with a specific metaplot) or before it's potential was properly explored (for the more open-ended style of game).

I'll start this thread off with the short lived London Knights.

Genre: Fantasy/Superheroics
Setting: Original, Alternate Earth
System: Fuzion
# of players: 7
# of sessions: 2
Reason of early termination: Drastic life changes for the GM
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I'd love to hear about your lost games...
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