September 3rd, 2007


Here's a scenario

I am going to be running a game set in an post-apocalypse version of Earth.

Jerusalem got nuked, Isreal blamed Iran and nuked them back. Russia got into it on Iran's side and nuked isreal, the US got into it on Isreal's side and......that's when the world ended pretty much.

I have to come up with the 50-75 years of what's gone on in the world since WW3 and what sort of things are valued now. I want to set the game in and around a small town in what is left of the American mid west. The Supernatural Elements of the setting are going to be somewhere between the Highlander series and the Buffy/Angel universe

Bravi tutti!

Question for the folks here with an encycolpedic knowledge of obscure systems.

Is there any RPG out there based on the (sometimes ridiculous) conventions one finds in classical opera? For example,
  • Smarmy Tenor: "We have just met, but you are the love of my life!"
  • Clueless Soprano: "You are a villanous scoundrel, I never want to lay eyes on you ever again!"
  • Smarmy Tenor: "Alas, I am ruined! I will take this poison, for my life has no meaning without you!"
  • Clueless Soprano: "No, forget what I just said. You're probably bluffing about the poison, but I will ignore all common sense and sucuumb to your charms. Take me mow!"
    In terms of game mechanics, there was probably a Seduction roll or something, with Smarmy Tenor getting a ridiculously large bonus because he threatened to die (and an extra bonus because it was by posion).