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Roleplayer's Community's Journal

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Sunday, August 26th, 2007
3:20a - PBEM Games
Howdy! I’m a new member with a few questions I hope can get answered.

While I love pbem games I’ve found it hard to find quality games with good writers. How do you go about finding them? Where are they usually hosted at, besides yahoo groups?

Also, if I was interested doing some one on one rp (via AIM or YIM) where could I find a partner? Is there some place people advertise for writing partners? I use to find a lot of people on yahoo!chat but is there some place else?

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1:07p - Getting the word out
I don't know if this has been posted here yet, but it's a really neat website for locating gamers of all sorts, plus you get a really neat visual on where everyone is located.


If it's already been posted, sorry. Try to spread to word so we can connect better!

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