August 23rd, 2007


Concept of Gray Jedi

I, just recently, started playing in a SW saga edition game and one of the players is trying to play a "Gray" Jedi. All the player really does is use a Dark Side power (Like Force Lightening) and then immediately afterwards spend a force point to make the dark side point go away. This doesn't seem much like "Gray" Jedi to me...

I am not familiar with the books(never read any but heard about them) and movies(seen all of them exactly once) and any of the comics. I was wondering what the concept of a Gray Jedi is or is intended to be?

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I have a question for all of the RPers here. I'm curious as to what people would be interested in playing.

Some quick background. My friends and I have a gaming company that every year runs LARPs at GenCon. Next year will be our 5th year. In the past the games have been End of the World Wrath, All Tremere, Changeling, and this year Post-Apocalyptic Werewolf. The goal is to try for fun games, with lots of thematic elements, but rarer things. Things that often aren't run.

For a number of reasons, we have very low attendance. This year I think we hit 15 people, which would make it a record turn out. I want to change that as much as possible, though we will always be hindered by an 11-4 time slot when the dealer room is only open 10-6 (and in fact that is one of the reasons why people don't come back).

The inital plan for next years GenCon game is "UNDER THE SEA". There would be Mariner Gangrel, Rokea and some sort of Mage.

I think this is a terrible idea, but I wasn't able to be there to propose something else.

So my questions to you is as follows:

*Would you be interested in a game that takes place under the sea?

*If yes, what kinds of creatures would you like to see be playable besides the Mariner Gangrel and the Rokea?

*If no, what system would you rather see?

Please answer regardless of if you plan on going to GenCon '08. I am right now doing informal polling to see if this is even viable.

Thank you.

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Game shops in the UK

I've been reminiscing recently about how many game shops there used to be, and how disappointing it is to return to a town that had a great games shop and find the shop has gone.

So where are the good game shops in the UK these days? I can think of Spirit in Burton and Orc's Nest in London. There's Travelling Man in Nottingham, but its 2nd hand bit has gone downhill recently.

EDIT: There used to be a good one in Gloucester many years ago Hobbit Hole I think it was.