August 22nd, 2007

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Poll #1043629 D7D 4th Edition: Deal or no Deal?

When (or if) do you plan on buying 4th Edition?

I'll be the first in line to buy it! It's D&D, I HAVE to buy it!
I'll buy it shortly after its release. Probably when the updated game worlds come out for it.
I'll wait a little while, read the reviews and examine the new books and changes before I decide to buy it or not.
I'll wait a year or two for 4.5 to come out.
Bah, I refuse to buy a new edition. Why pay good money for the same ol same ol, but only with a few changes and a shiny new cover?

Do you plan on playing 4th Edition right away?

Definitly (throws all 3rd edition stuff out the window). Newer is always better!
I'll play some test adventures and get a feel of it before switching over to it.
I'll finish up all the campaigns I have going on now before even THINKING of trying 4th edition.
If the other players or DM wants to try it, I'll play it, but otherwise? *shrugs&
You still play D&D? How droll... That's fun for a "retro-night", but I've moved on to bigger and better systems.

So, now that all your old 3.5 edition books are now considered obsolete by WoTC, what are you planning on doing with all your old books?

Place them in a treasure chest and use a high quality lock to lock it. They are antique collectables now!
I'll still use them from time to time. 4th Edition won't have EVERYTHING I want, so I'll probably have to convert a ton of stuff.
Two Words: E-BAY!
Try to see if I can collapse my bookshelf with all my old roleplaying books in it.
*starts a big bonefire* Coombayah my lord, Coombayah.
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