August 13th, 2007

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In my normal sunday DND game I am currently attempting to adapt Halo to run the current storyline... Since people in the game wanted an introduction of Incarnum in the game I thought this would be a cool way of going about it as the necrocarnum zombies are kinda similar to the Flood (At least I think so).  And the Covenant could be represented by some of the Incarnum classes. Not a very original idea but... So my question... What races could be used to represent the Halo Races?

Current Idea:
Grunts: Witchknifes from MM III
Elites: I was thinking Trolls with the Half-Mindflayer template on them and some soulborn levels... This might turn out to be too powerful though...
Brutes: Intelligent Ogre Barbarians with levels of totemist ... Easy enough I suppose.
Priest: I have no Idea here, I have not found a monster that would kinda fit the description here...
Flood Zombies: Necrocarnum Zombies and the explodie one that let loose the flood swarm will end up being a variation on the Web Mummy zombies.

But I am still looking for suggestions that would better fit the monster listed above. Any help is appreciated.




Has anyone here ever GMed or played White Wolf's Scion? I played a game on Free RPG Day and enjoyed it so much I bought the Scion: Hero book.

I'm thinking of running it at a convention next year with pre-generated characters (not the ones in the book); does anyone who's played or GMed the game before have any advice?
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Unseen Demons

In a d20v3.5 game I'm running, in a homebrew world, I have a class of monsters that the people call demons (mostly including demons and devils and a selection of other monsters that seem demonic enough to fit). For other DMs, how I'm handling one aspect of these demons' lives may be interesting.

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