August 6th, 2007


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if this has already been hashed over and over, i'm happy to do some digging, but at least on the offchance somebody wants to vent/gush: :)

anybody have an extended comment on how/what white wolf has done with the new generation of world of darkness games? i don't have the income i had when i was devouring the previous lines, so i've only had a few peeks at the requiem and the new werewolf... so i know there have been changes, but - how cosmetic are they? how extensive? how superficial?
OMG! Pingu Kills!

Stat point gain at level 8

So Yesterday in my game the Party hit Level 8, which brings me to my question:

one player in the party is playing a Teifling. So when everyone turned 8, she turned 7. Stat point gain for level 8 is supposed to be at character level 8... so does she gain the stat point or not? I have never had someone tell me other wise I just always assumed that it was at class level 8 not character level 8 (In this case her effective character level is 8, right?)... and now I am confused....

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