August 5th, 2007

35th level geek

Alignment conflict - what's your take?

Had a bit of an interesting altercation in a D&D game the other night.

The party captured an agent, and started questioning her. My character asked her (after a fashion) why she had damage reduction.She claimed that she may be part fae.
"Really? Because my cold iron longsword didn't seem to do much damage to you."
We all agreed to let the agent go unharmed if she'd tell us about the plot she was hired to enact.
She showed us her true form: a rakasha.

Although we were disgusted, we were about to fulfill our promise. My guy said, "Go far far away from here, and never return." But then when it was time to let her go...The wizard said, "I'm going to turn her into a rabbit, so that she can't cause harm to anyone ever again."

That's when it got interesting. We're all playing variants of good except for the wizard who is Lawful Neutral. We all strongly protested.
"Well, *I* never promised not to cause her any harm."
"Be that as it may, we did - and if you turn her into a rabbit, you'll be robbing her of her intelligence, her personality. You'd be no better than a devil who twisted a contract."
"No no, if we let it go in its natural form it will cause harm."
"Part of the deal was that this monster leave this realm permanently."
"We can't trust that!"
"If it comes back, we have a bead on it, we can scry and hunt it down."
"For what? It was simply harassing the villagers, it didn't do that much evil."
"Besides, we've stripped it of all its magic items, and it has to start over with no network and little if any influence. The punishment fits the crime."
"Also, we've all agreed on this course of action - you aren't the boss of us. We all have an equal vote and you've been out-voted."
The last part was this:
"If you continue with this course of action, I'll be forced to evict you from the party. I won't adventure with an evil person." So. The wizard relented, and we let the rakasha go. I was slightly amazed that the player didn't understand that twisting the letter and intent of the agreement was an act of evil.

But hey, I want your take: Do you think that turning the rakasha prisoner into a bunny would have been an act of evil - or does it still fall within the confines of Lawful Neutral?