August 3rd, 2007


Advice needed: Designing a Mary Sue Litmus Test for a specific RPG

About a year or so ago, I was discussing Mary Sues in my favorite game (7th Sea, original Roll & Keep version) on a forum I frequent and I posted the link to this site. I noted that, while the test wasn't bad for overall gaming, it failed to address potential red flags specific to 7th Sea.

I mulled the idea over and thought about creating a test myself. Actually 2 tests, one for characters designed on the normal 100 HP and the other for more "advanced characters" (either through what was purchased via XP late &/or the GM wanted the characters to be built off more points). Real Life got in the way and the idea was put on the back-burner, until this week when someone decided to resurrect the topic.

So I have to ask, what are the steps to designing a balanced MS litmus test? How do I temper my own personal biases from skewing the results (anyone who's ever read any of my 7th Sea rants knows how much I absolutely HATE Tragically Abused Insanely Beautifully Runaway Literate Fate Witches for example)? What other pitfalls should I look out for?

I figure I'd start off with a general section, then go for nation-specific questions, then backgrounds and miscellanea. Am I missing anything else that should be flagged and tested for specific to 7th Sea?

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