July 31st, 2007

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Question about journal based rpging

I'm just starting to get into journal based rpg's and have a question about game play and what is the usual format for journal based rpg's.

I'm thinking about applying to play in a Torchwood jounral based rpg over on greatestjournal.  The only thing that sort of putting me off applying is the fact that a lot of character interaction for it is supposed to be written in 3rd person. 

So this is my question. Is it usual for journal based rpg's to be written in the third person? And just how do you roleplay in third person? It's not something i've heard of until now and i've been rpging for nearly eight years, although that's mainly been traditional book based stuff.

World of Warcraft RPG

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I recently purchased the World of Warcraft RPG and was disappointed and dismayed that the entire rulebook is just a rehashing of D&D with an Azerothian setting and WoW concept art slapped onto a Player's Handbook. After so many games have made distinctive and creative twists on the d20 template (Seventh Seas, Mutants & Masterminds, True20) I think this is shoddy workmanship. Why bother reprinting the same rulebook with merely renamed stats and spells, and a lazy almost belligerent attempt to include some "flavorful" or campaign-appropriate classes and races? Virtually no work, apart from art direction, is required to create one of these shoddy $30 paperweights.

In my mind, a tabletop World of Warcraft RPG needs to capture the flavor of the WoW game while simultaneously giving the players the freedom to explore that world as characters that can't exist in the computer game. I'm doubly surprised that the campaign portion of the WoW rulebook includes lots of suggestions for Alliance and Horde campaigns, but gives mere lip service to the "independents" - and none of the interesting factions are present, like the Argent Dawn or the Cenarion Enclave. Why bother playing a tabletop RPG if you're just going to be pigeonholed into playing the literal representation of a videogame? Its absolutely pointless.

Most of my gaming group is interested in playing a tabletop version of WoW, but we're ALL disgusted by the treatment Sword & Sorcery gave this game world. So I've taken it upon myself to start creating a World of Warcraft d20 template that not only captures the flavor of the gameplay, but gives some decent freedom to character customization and includes minor abilities that long-time WoW players would be able to appreciate and use. I've started with the warrior.

As I finish my rough draft for each classes' abilities I plan on posting them here.
If you're a WoW player, please share your feelings on these writeups to make sure they still capture the "feel" of that class'es gameplay.
If you're a d20 player, please let me know if you think these write-ups are balanced and if they give a different, unique way to play a conventional class. One thing you will immediately notice: Warriors are considerably tougher. I'm expecting all other classes to be just as powerful and reflections of this power level will be present in all of my write-ups.

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I'm not using a table to list these abilities since this would mess up LJ's html format, I've created a page for the warrior abilities on http://runetotem-teragen.pbwiki.com/warrior