July 27th, 2007

Hero System

I dont know if I am able to do this here and if not, I will take it down.

If anyone in the community has a Hero System Corebook that they would like to sell, please hit me back with a comment.

Snake and Ladder

Roleplaying and Webcomics

Who here also reads webcomics?

Are there any webcomic settings that you think would work well as an RPG? (Barring the comics which are clearly derived from RPGs, such as Order of the Stick.) Or, heck, just to be inclusive, any comic settings at all that aren't already covered by some product.

I know that work on the Girl Genius GURPS supplement is proceeding, but I'd love to play in a game which used Gunnerkrigg Court, El Goonish Shive, or Flaky Pastry as its world conceit... and the philosophical RPG setting from Dresden Codak is probably unplayable, but hilarious all the same.

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Save the Cheerleader, Save the World

I haven't mentioned my Mutants and Masterminds campaign in my LJ, but then I hadn't thought it would be worth mentioning.  I had tried something inspired by Wild Cards, but that turned out to be a bust.  So, after only two sessions, I snagged the group and told them to make new characters.

I think the first mistake with my Wild Cards campaign was that I had the players start at Level 10 (150 points).  This is normal for a golden era sort of campaign, but it didn't work for Wild Cards, the group was just entirely too powerful.  I think if I try this again, I'll start the group at maybe Level 5 (75 points) and see how that works out, but I feel that might be a little too much as well.

Anyway, instead, I told them to start at Level 2 (30 points).  The group were going to be High School students in the fictional city of Trois Portes -- a city I use when I want 'generic city with lots of secrets'.  I had built it a long time ago for my Fool's Moon campaign setting, and it worked well for Vampire, and for my writing for NaNoWriMo, so I decided to give it a go for a super hero campaign.  My initial goal was to have something between Smallville and Heroes.  Essentially, I wanted people developing powers without knowing why, and I wanted a 'freak of the week' sort of scenario.

Well, the first few sessions didn't turn out too badly.  I had the group deal with a student with a gun in the first day, then had a 'bug boy' go after a cheerleader that the group took a liking to (my token NPC, built at my sister's prodding).  The sessions were okay, but really didn't have any oomph to them.  It really wasn't inspired.

Then I introduced Trois (pronounced 'Troy').  A little background here:  Troy was the persona my character in Fool's Moon took when he hung out at his girlfriend's high school.  The character is a kitsune (Japanese fox spirit), but I didn't want to do that in this campaign.  So, I kept him as an enigma -- a white-haired boy who attended classes, but wasn't a student.  He had no identification, no real grasp of pop culture, and seemed strange.  The group also found out he had chi-based powers -- he could paralyse someone with a strike, or heal them with a different strike.  The group didn't know what to make of him.

Now, having a kid who seemed usual, even by their standards, got them thinking he was behind everything.  I hadn't actually come up with a 'how and why' for the campaign yet, but I liked the direction the campaign was going -- they were looking into their origins.  By this time, about a third of the student population had powers, and everyone was trying either to desperately hide the fact they were different, or were forming into small 'groups'.  The players were feeling the need to get to the bottom of this, and thought Trois was behind it.

I took the ball and ran.  :)

So, here we go... a background on the hows and whys of a bunch of students getting super powers out of the blue, and weirdness creeping up in the city of Trois Portes.

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So, that's my rambling.  Hope you liked.
And once again, the song fits... :)

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