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Wednesday, July 25th, 2007
2:17a - Gamer Theory
You have set up an adventure, and one encounter down the line you're looking forward to because of a unique advantage one of the characters has.  Before the encounter comes about however, the PC decides to willingly give up the advantage, not knowing that it could have made the group's lives easier later on.  Do you keep the encounter as-is, knowing the PCs will have to strive harder to overcome it, or do you alter the encounter sufficiently to make it about even with where it would have been if the advantage had not been lost?

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10:47a - Character Generation help for Shadowrun 4th Ed
My friend's 4th Edition Shadowrun game is looming closer, and he's given me a PDF copy of the rulebook. I found a character generator spreadsheet online, and I've been poking around and trying to build up the concept I have. Collapse )

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