July 22nd, 2007

Voodoo Dolly

The End of Enoch

Running an online RPG, one of the PCs has 'Tapestry Sight'.  Rather than being able to see the normal world, he sees the threads of Fate and Creation.  He will lose this ability (and be able to see like a normal person) when he witnesses a 'perfect tapestry'.  He's taken it upon himself to make it himself, removing any 'glitches', such as those who have avoided their fate.  Well, he's requested of one of the three primal dragons of the realm a chance to be 'cured', and she has asked her brother, a god, to assist in this.  Below is the scene of the god destroying a shattered world, and then rebuilding it into a new one for the person to See.

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Star Wars Music in a Star Wars Game

If your Game Official used music in her games, how would you feel about your Game Official using music not found on one of the Star Wars Soundtracks in a Star Wars RPG?

What are you kidding? That's sacrilege! Burn the Heretic!
Not crazy about it, but I can handle the odd track here and there as long as it is similar to the SW Soundtracks
I don't care either way
I can accept non-Soundtrack music as long as it doesn't outweigh or eclipse the 'real' soundtrack music
Play whatever you want, it's your world Boss, we just game in it.

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