July 20th, 2007

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English-Elven online translator

Does anyone know if there's an English-to-Elven online translator that works similar to Babblefish? One where you can enter an entire paragraph in English and have it (roughly) translated to Elven?

I found dozens of online English-Elven dictionaries, but nothing that translates more than one word at-a-time.
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So I was thinking about the paladin discussion earlier, and came up with some house rules to expand on my earlier comment. My design goal here is to come up with something generic enough to serve any alignment and free up more feat slots to allow the paladin a little more freedom to specialise as a melee fighter, as a mounted combatant, a tunnel fighter and so on. This certainly isn't perfect, but I hope it's less disadvantaged than the PHB paladin.

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World of Darkness

Gehenna, Apocalypse, Ascension, and all the rest, how did you terminate the World of Darkness? When the end came for your chronicle, how did you do it, what scenarios did you use (if any), and how did you adapt them?