July 15th, 2007



Do you want to earn more renown? Of course! We all do! But how can you find time for spirit quests when your caern and kinfolk are constantly targeted by the Wyrm?

What you need is a degree from Shady Glass Walker Online University. This study-at-home program allows you to learn the Gifts you need at your own pace and on your own time. Get your certification in:

-Control Simple Machines
-Spirit Speech
-Smell of Man
-Jam Technology
-Master of Fire
-Power Surge
-Elemental Favor
-TV/VCR Repair or
-Summon Net Spider

OR get your degree! You can major in Mystic Rites or Rites of Accounting. Email us today for a free pamphlet on the course of your choice and start your way to a higher rank in the modern World of Darkness!