July 13th, 2007


RPG Artwork and You!

I'm a very visual person, and so the look of any rpg goes a long way towards establishing how I feel about a game, and sometimes the indivudual characters or groups in a game.

After yesterday's posts, I went and flipped through the Werewolf the Forsaken book, and it took me 1/4 or so of the book to get over the Ron Spencer artwork. I don't know, to me Ron Spencer is too iconic of how Werewolves looked and felt in the old game. I vastly prefered the photoshop style illustrations, that fit more with how the WoD corebook looks. (The hybrid spider monstrosity on pg 38? Ack! Compare that to the same monster a few pages earlier on the full page chapter illustration.) And to me, Ron Spencer just isn't what the nWoD looks like. I think they would have done a better job establishing WtF's own identity if they'd have gone with a different artist.

A few other examples:
Victorian Age Vampire is an incredibly evocative book, just from the pictures. I think if I was running any Victorian game regardless of the system I'd want to flip through and just see how cool it looks.

One of the things that really sold me on Eberron when it first came out was the artwork. It was cool and exciting and over the top and made me want to play. (Then I played it and our game was basically plain ole D&D with lots of confusing names. I'd still love to see a good Eberron video game though. A real Eberron MMO would be awesome. But I digress...)

As much as I love Savage Worlds, the artwork has been a real hurdle. The only book they've done that's imo even close to something like VAV is Necessary Evil. Deadlands is close, but somehow it just doesn't come together right to me.

So anyways, I'm curious as to what ways artwork has impacted your opinion of a game. I'm sure someone will pipe up with "I don't care about artwork, just give me text." and that's fine, but this isn't really a question about how much you care about artwork, it's about in what ways artwork has shaped your opinion of something or other. (But then, my Vampire post yesterday wasn't really about Mage either, so hey. ;) )
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My husband tells me I'm overreacting. But I don't think I am, so I'm curious for other people's thoughts/opinions/etc.

When we showed up to the Tabletop D&D game on Wed, we had been told that two members (Rogue...surprise surprise and Monk) were running late. In fact, Rogue and Monk had called us to let us know.

What was never mentioned at any point was that Rogue was bringing a guest, her best friend. Some quick background: No one I know, except for Rogue, is a giant fan of this person. I can stand her for about an hour. No one can tell you why either. I LARP with her regularly at the Camarilla LARP, and she is a very well known player.

Last time her best friend was over, she went into the backroom and sat and played her laptop.

This time she comes over and sits in the main room and plays on her laptop, while we are gaming. She jumps in with comments every now and then. Over all though, she isn't too bad. Until the end. Then she turns up the volume on her laptop all the way up and starts to play Chuzzle . Now I like Chuzzle. But Chuzzle can be loud and annoying. In addition, despite the fact that we were trying to hurry up to get as far into this dungeon as possible before my husband had to go to sleep, she starts raving about how awesome the game is, and inserting even more comments into everything. Then she and Wizard and Rogue start having a separate conversation.

Over all I found her terrible annoying, and was even more annoyed that I wasn't told. I later found out that *EVERYONE* except for me and my husband were told she'd be there, and never felt the need in the hour we were waiting for Monk and Rogue to mention this to us.

My husband, and I assume everyone else, says they didn't have a problem with her there.

Now I generally have issue with people who aren't playing, watching. Tabletop is a different monster then LARP and I find it harder to get into character when other people are around. In fact, we had kicked out another friend while waiting for Monk and Rogue because we were getting ready to start.

I also have a minor form of ADHD - Inattentive subtype. Mostly if two people are talking, rather then paying attention to the closer one, I pay attention to the louder one. But it isn't just people talking. It is noise as well. If a train is going by while I'm outside having a conversation with someone, I'll lose the conversation for the majority of the train. I drive my husband nuts because if the TV is on, he'll have to repeat something three or four times before my brain actually clicks into what he is saying.

D&D is tough enough for me. Lots of people talking. I've trained my brain to mostly ignore the random conversations when the DM is talking. However, I have also been known to snap at people to shut up so I can still understand the DM. Despite sitting right next to him, I lost a lot of conversation once the friend started to turn up the volume.

Am I completely overreacting to the situation? Do you mind having people watch the game?

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ETA: To clear up some confusion, the visitor was a Gamer. She doesn't play D&D, just WoD, and most of that only through the LARP. Rogue is her best friend, and about one of two. Her other friend is 30+ minutes away until the Fall. She has visited once before with no problems, and I think Wizard sort of likes her (as a friend) and doesn't mind her around. Cleric told me on the way out that he didn't have a problem with her.