July 12th, 2007

Random question.

Is anybody here also on RPGnet forum? *If this question is inappropriate for advertising reasons, which I'm not trying to advertise, just asking, please let me know*

I was wondering because I just joined. What's the general vibe on the forum? Are people uppity or helpful/friendly? Just wondering. I'm critfaerie.

Thoughts re: Requiems, Masquerades, Dark Worlds Old and New.

I originally was going to reply to this bit of commenting, but it's a largely unrelated topic in an old LJ post, and I could feel a longer, more rambly reply inside me, so I'm just going to start a whole new post.

So I'm gearing up for a big Vampire the Requiem chronicle, to start later this year. Before then, I'll be running a solo game of unknown length for my girlfriend. Here are some random musings on Vampire, the various Worlds of Darkness, and whatnot. Hopefully I'll be able to do this without flame wars.

First off, Requiem came out 3 years ago! It really doesn't seem like it. I know there's no way of knowing for sure, but I wonder what's the percentage of people who play VtR versus the people who still play VtM? It seems like there are still a lot of "Oh they killed Masquerade and the new game sucks and it's a shitty knockoff and I'd never play it" people, but perhaps they're just more vocal than the "I'm playing a Mekhet college professor who's spying on the Ordo Dracul for the Carthians" crowd.

Having played VtM for over a decade, I can see why some people were somewhat unimpressed with VtR. I was annoyed to see Malkovians and Ventrue and Diablerie and whatnot the first time I read it. Unlike Mage or Werewolf or Changeling, the new Vampire really wasn't a whole new beast, but a refinement of the old game.

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I could ramble on longer about the core mortal World of Darkness line (and I might later) but this is too long as it is.

I don't really have any specific questions, but hopefully something I've said in here sparks a reply out of somebody.
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Okay, since we've been sort of talking about the new WoD; what do people think about Werewolf the Forsaken?

I really loved WtA, and found having a whole new lexicon/philosophy/setting for WtF incredibly daunting, too daunting to run out and start buying books. That said, I really want to like WtF. If you've played both systems and like "Forsaken," what would you highlight as good things about the new system and worldview?

Long Memories

This isn't directly pointed at anyone commenting in my last post, but I was reminded of things I've seen on the internets.

It's kind of weird and kind of impressive how long gamers tend to hold on to opinions. Any time I see a "Vampire Revised sucked and they fucked up the game" I instantly think "that was 10 years ago." In a way, it reminds me of the "music was the best when I was a teenager back in the 90s/80s/70s/etc, the crap these kids listen to today is shit compared to Nirvana/Motley Crue/Foghat" I'm sure there are big fat bearded guys out there who still bitch about how "AD&D fucked up the elegant simplicity of D&D, where damnit an elf was an elf". (I wonder if there's one old gamer complaining how D&D fucked up Chainmail?)

I wonder what the statute of limitations is on bitching about old editions of games. I'm pretty sure Mage the Ascension will cause people to argue about it so long as there are at least two people alive who at one point played in a Mage game, but that one seems the exception rather than the rule.

It seems to be that gamers hold on to opinions longer than fans of whatever, but I suppose that's because I don't hang out with trekkies or anime fans or what have you. Are there still people out there who pipe up that they hated Wesley Crusher or when Sven was replaced by the Princess in Voltron, or how lame automobile Voltron was, or how much they disliked the last books of the Dark Tower series. (Hmm... how long before I can think about Star Wars before I think about how much Episodes 1-3 blow?)
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