July 5th, 2007


Tales from the Floating Vagabond

Apparently, sometime in the '90s, I bough this game and a couple supplements (Bar Wars and Where's George?). I dug them up during the slow process of transporting my gaming stuff from my parents basement to my home.

So. Are they any good? Has anyone played them? I see there's a board game included with Where's George titled WIn by a Mudslide about American politics.

[Orpheus] Captured By The Feds

First off, my players stay out. Also, there are major spoilers for the Orpheus plotline, so if you're lucky enough to be playing Orpheus, you probably don't want to read on.

Last session ended with our protagonists surrounded by a SWAT team and FBI agents, and captured.

For those of you not up on Orpheus's plotline:Collapse )

If you have any suggestions, or any stories from a game where the PCs were captured by modern law enforcement, or any other comments or what have you, I'd love to hear em.
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