July 3rd, 2007

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Question of the Day: What does roleplaying mean to you?

In reading the plethora of personal gaming histories and evolutions (fantastic idea by the way), I came across a statement that seems relevant enough for its own thread. I won't repeat it here, but rather I present the question inspired by it:

What does roleplaying mean to you?

I don't mean, define 'roleplaying' in your own terms, but rather, what role does roleplaying play in your life, in terms of social or psychological aspects? Is it a hobby, a gathering of friends, a creative outlet, a method of escapism, wish-fulfillment, a means to pass the time, all of the above, none of the above? Did it used to be one thing then transform into something else?


When you're doing something mundane like trying to pick something up in real life do you find that when you make a mistake or drop something you're like...

"Oooh dexterity check, critical miss." I find myself doing that a lot. I have 2 cats and a dog and sometimes when they try and jump up on the bed or the cats try to jump on the counter and they fall off, I laugh (which is kinda cruel, but hey they don't get hurt) and say "Ouch failed your jump* check."

I also watch a soap opera called Days of Our Lives and Sammy (reformed villainess) lied to her father (who is a police officer) I said, "Bluff check versus sense motive*!" And then I started mentally trying to figure out who had what stats and what one would have to roll to pass the bluff.

I always feel so silly when I do this but it's become a joke between husband and me. It's like we're RPing all through out the day without even being in a campaign. But isn't that what life really is anyway? A giant campagin? Ha, something to ponder.

*I've been playing Star Wars so some of those terms are from that game, if they don't register with anyone, like I said I'm new, I don't know all of the technical terms :P
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Voodoo Dolly

Matrix RPG Thoughts

Yes, talking about the MUSH again. When it crashed and burned (and no, it wasn't my fault or my sister's fault) there was discussion of making a new site.  I started working on a MUCK for some people, and working on the mechanics.  Here's some of the ideas I came up with to help facilitate the construction of the place:

Hacking the Matrix
To enter the Matrix requires a hard line.  A hard line is a secured region which connects 01 with the Matrix, and is the equivalent of a fiber optic cable versus a regular telephone line.  It is stronger, can accept and handle greater traffic, and has less 'static' than a normal line.  Hackers use hard lines for the following reasons:

1)  Greater Traffic allows them to blend their signal in with the rest of the signals, thus helping prevent them being noticed.
2)  Stronger Signal which ensures their signal is not dropped, thus preventing their runners from being instantly killed.

Hackers look for an exposed section of the hard line in the Real, and drop their signal in.  This isn't simple, since the signal has to 'blend' with the rest of the signals going in and brings up the next point:  noise.

Noise is how much the hacker signal interferes with the other signals and registers as an anomaly which requires investigation by the Machine.  A runner manifesting by themselves is a 'low noise' event, and thus will be overlooked (depending on security, see below).  A group of runners may or may not be low noise depending on circumstances.  What bumps the noise of a group is what they bring with them, and what they do.

Equipment Code
Normal clothing and 'mundane' equipment produces low noise.  They are not anomalous to the Matrix, and thus don't register as unusual.  However, hackers like to bugger around with on-side equipment, producing clothing which is more resistant to damage, guns which do more damage than the Matrix says is 'right', and other such high-tech toys.  The more things veer from the 'normal', the more noise they generate, and thus the more likely the Machine will notice something is wrong.

When a runner does something unusual (what Morpheus called bending the rules of the Matrix), the runner generates a temporary spike in their signal, thus producing more noise.  Runners prefer to keep a low profile, and watch, using mundane tools found in the Matrix.  This makes them safer, and prevents the Machine from noticing them.  Once they're noticed, well...

Security Ranks
This represents how important the location in question is to the Machine, and how much it monitors the location.  I classified these as White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Black (thanks to Shadowrun) and used this to show 1) how often the Machine does a 'pass' of the area to look for anomolies, and 2) how much noise can be generated in the area without risk of the Machine noticing.

Thus, a Hacker wants to have a hard line manifest in a blue or white region and upload all their toys there, thus giving the runners a chance to suit up and prepare with little to no chance of the Machines noticing.  Most 'off the grid' locations are also White (the Marovingian's estate, for example).  The more critical the region to the Machine's operation, the higher the security rank.

Virtual Memory
This was what I considered for 'uploading' information to a runner.  A runner can store only so much in 'virtual memory', allowing them access to skills or knowledge they'd not normally have.  A 'young' runner can only hold so much, but as they get used to the sensations, they process easier, and thus can store greater and greater amounts of information 'virtually', while slowly transferring some of this to 'meat memory' -- ie, remembering it for later.  Usually, virtual memory fades after a good night's rest or after eight or so hours.  Neo, being who he was, had a near-limitless virtual memory, and didn't forget what he was given.


So, what do you think?
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old Vampire game

So I was looking through my stacks of papers and I came across my characters for the V:TM game and the V:TM LARP that I was in. Anyway, I was reminded by these papers about one of the people at the LARP, and I figured I'd share a story about him and his character idea here.

The person in question was a senior at the college I was at at the time, and since he had been in the LARP for a while his character was quite developed. He was a Malkavian, and his insanity manifested in the form of another player. Now, by the rules that had been setup, this second player was a 'ghost', pretty much a Wraith, and could only be seen by the Malk, who could permanently see him. High level Auspex users could see this wraith, but the only other player with that ability was the Seneschal of the city, a powerful Nosferatu and one of the minor STs for the game. Said player kept quiet about the fact that he could see this spirit.

Now then, the wraith's player was always dressed in full black, black pants, shirt, socks, shoes, gloves, and a black scarf folded across his eyes. For all purposes, anything he said had to be considered OOC by everyone other then the Malkavian, who was forced to react IC for everything the wraith said. This caused some very amusing things to happen, such as when the player began talking to people in the OOC room while a scene was going on, causing everyone to have to keep pausing constantly in order to avoid laughing from some of the things being said. And here is this poor Malk, able to hear(IC) only what his wraith is saying and was forced to react accordingly. ("Can you stop talking about ordering pizza for a moment? I'm trying to negotiate here. And furthermore, how the hell do you even eat?? Aren't you dead or something??" "Who is he talking to?" ::edges away from the malkavian::)

Just felt like sharing. Hope you folks enjoyed my ramble.
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old D+D

i've been put back onto my love of some of the old D+D stuff.
in particular Spelljammer and Planescape.
any ideas of where i can get some of the stuff? (preferably conversions to 3.5)

Ravenloft is cool too but i have a ton of that
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Red Samurai info?

to all the shadowrun gamers out there: does anyone know where i can find game info on the renraku red sams? i need their stats, typical cyber and bioware, and typical gear. i'm making up a former red sam character and my GM said i could have the red sam package. i looked in 'Renraku Arcology: Shutdown' figuring it would be there, but i couldn't find it...