June 30th, 2007


My Intro

This will probably be highly summarized because my carpal tunnel has been acting up these past few weeks.

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Hope that wasn't too dull for people.

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My first game

I love these gaming history stories.  I've always been fond of hearing stories of people's first games (and for some reason, their WORST games, as well).

I did something similar to this a little while ago on Square One, a podcast for newbie gamers that Sam Chupp and myself have been putting together.  You can listen to my story in the first episode right here: http://squareonepodcast.com/2007/01/02/episode-1-what-is-roleplaying

It's a regular (we hope!) segment on the show called "My First Game."  My bit starts almost precisely at the 38:00 mark, if you'd rather skip ahead to it.  It's a little more focused on the challenge of getting started in the roleplaying hobby, and not as much on my general history, but you might still enjoy it.

- Bill
The Distant Future

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question for tristat players:

The Attribute Own a Big Mecha has a table listing all the abilities you get for your mecha per level of the attribute... One column says "SPECIAL ATTACK" and then under it, "SUPERSTRENGTH LEVEL." (both things are on the same column). I'm confused as to whether these are two seperate attributes gained from OBM that just happen to share the same values (thus share a column), or if they are supposed to be the same thing or what. The poorly written manual offers no explanation.
Also, if the attribute "Special Attack" is gained through the OBM attribute, does the player have to spend PMVs on the Special Attack as normal?
Gaining a Special Attack from OBM seems a bit much, considering its normally a 4/level attribute, but maybe not.

any help?
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Druids and undeath

Would evil druids meddle with undeath, or would even they consider it an abomination?

If not, are there any Forgotten Realm deities with the Death domain (yet lack the Undeath domain), who would have a Neutral Evil druid worshiper? Kelemvor is the closest I could find, but he's LN and seems a bit too urban to have a druid follower.

Yes, I know domains are geared more towards Clerics, but a Divine Disciple of a Death god could feasibly be a Druid (per the prestige class description in the FR Campaign book).

I'm not interested in the Blighter prestige class as an option.
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