June 28th, 2007

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Midnight in the Last Age

(I've reread the info page, and I'm pretty sure this will not violate policy, but if it does, please feel free to delete.)

[EDIT - Addtional information has been added to this post since the first draft.]

In the interest of promoting a dark fantasy RPG setting I've become quite enamored with, I'd like to share a few posts regarding the campaign I've been running for the past year or so, on and off, to generate discussion (read: to pimp my favorite setting).

The setting is called Midnight, from Fantasy Flight Games. It uses the D&D 3.5 ruleset, with some sweeping modifications to core classes and magic. For those who find the D20 OGL cringeworthy, a significant amount of work has been done to convert the setting to True20, by fans over at the unofficial fansite for Midnight, Against the Shadow. Additional information and resources can be found at the fan-produced SRD at Darkness Falls.

Following will be a setting summary along with some game session summaries and other tidbits. I invite you to read, comment, and use the links above to explore further if you find something that interests you.

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So, what's up?

I asked this question last year, but that was ages ago and the answers are one would hope completely different, so here goes.

What happened during the last game you played? (And being the GM counts as playing.)
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Hello beautiful community people. Unsure as to how to approach introductions, I figured the best way would just be to throw it out there. Hi. I'm new. My name is Nikki or LilDeth if real names make you uncomfortable. I've been role playing for about 2 years and participated in many different kinds of games (ex. D&D home brew/3.5, Star Wars, V:TM, Resident Evil home brew, and very very briefly an online Harry Potter game). I've even run a couple games but I have found that you always want to play in the games you run. Currently, I am in a D&D Forgotten Realms game that has lasted over a year but is taking an extended break right now. So I have been sifting through the LJ Communities looking for a game I can join. However, past experience makes me a bit cautious. That is why I joined this community. I was hoping to talk to other gamers and see what's out there before I start applying for any game in particular.

Okay, enough about me. I'd really like to "meet" some of you.
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