June 20th, 2007

Paladins of Chaotic Good Gods....

This is a D&D issue, and I thought I'd get opinions, just to see if anyone else thinks this shouldn't work.

I'm in a D&D campaign currently, and one of my friends is playing a paladin of Aedrie Faenya, the elf goddess of freedom and the skies (from Forgotten Realms). Now, Mike does a good job at playing a upbeat, free spirited, holy warrior, but I'm not sure if a Chaotic Good diety like Faenya would have paladins. I don't think it's actually stated as such, but my impression is that paladin's, being Lawful Good, could only follow dieties that were one alignment step removed from LG (i.e., LG, NG, or LN). I don't think it actually says that under paladin (unlike clerics), but here's my reasoning:

1. Being Lawful Good and All That That Implies. LG is, by its very nature, a temperament and philosophy that prohibits change. Rules are there for a reason, and that reason is to uphold the common good and to protect people. CG thrives on finding ways around the rules and is described in the Player's Handbook as rebellious. Given the informal structure of a CG religion, I find it hard to visualize a LG character fitting in.

2. Code of Conduct. Paladins have a very stratified code of conduct. Inherent to it are the heirarchy and punishments for breaking the code. Very organized. Again, I don't see a CG religion having this sort of setup.

In truth, Mike does a great job with the character, and everyone's having fun. I'm not about to make a stink over the character, especially since we are all having fun and it's not a deep game (not a lot of RPing going on). But I was wondering if anyone else found the idea of a LG character following a CG diety as hinky as I do, and if there were any ideas as to how this could work. Thanks.
The Distant Future

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My friend has started a new D&D campaign, and I've made another incarnation of an old character of mine for this game (does anyone else do this? Have repeat character-concepts that you play over and over again?) So far we've played a pretty cool intro session, with me and one other player.
Anyways, my character's name is Sword, a human bard, whose bardic "art" isn't music, but swordplay/weapons display (I won't bother you with the exhaustive details of his backstory, but if you're interested, please ask - I love babbling about my characters).
Point is - the previous incarnation of Sword was a 2nd Edition AD&D character with the Bard kit called "Blade."
For those not familiar with this class kit, a Blade is basically a performer that deals with bladed weapons, often seen at fairs and carnivals juggling knives, popping balloons with throwing knives while blindfolded, swallowing swords, or doing flashy, fancy displays of rapid weapon movement. Blades had some additional abilities normal Bards didn't get, and lost some of the abilities Bards normally get.
My question is, is there a version of this class kit in D&D 3.5? Whether it be a prestige class or a special class in a book somewhere or what have you?
I'm pretty happy with my character already as it is - I'm just wondering if there's something in the books somewhere that might be more "form fitting" for Sword.

Another, albeit minor, complaint is that 3.5 provides no stats for a Khopesh, which is what my old version of Sword used. I'm using the stats for Short Sword instead. Seriously, WoTC, where's the mancatcher, the lucern hammer, the hook fauchard, and the bec-de-corbin? Just because a weapon is strictly inferior to another doesn't mean we won't want in our game. Some things are for style points, yo.