June 14th, 2007

EsoTerrorists & Gum Shoe & D20

Hi folks.

I ran a game of Robin Law's Eso Terrorists the other night. Halfway through the scenario in the book and some of my players read this so I'll not talk about the actual scenario. The game itself is very clue-centric where clues lead characters from scene to scene.

I really like the mechanic where characters get clues if they havethe skills and use them. For example if there is occult paraphernalia at a crime scene and a character with occult skills asks then they get the info about the particular clue. If characters expend a use of a skill they can get more detailed or advanced information.

I was wondering how this can be applied to D20 for skill checks. I've always had a problem where skill checks for social / knowledge based conflicts become increasingly pointless as characters advance in level where they simply cannot fail to get the information. Perhaps expend a rank in a skill in the same way as the gumshoe system.

Anyone had experience of EsoTerorists or making skill checks or challenging or interersting in D20 ?

Deeper Questions for All Gamers

I am an occasional gamer who has been searching for a large pool of roleplayers for the purpose of asking some serious, thoughtful questions.  I must make it clear that I am interested in any feedback anyone wishes to contribute in response to this posting.  I apologize ahead of time if I offend; I entreat you that I am not attempting to do anything of the sort, but I realize that unspoken words are more readily misunderstood than their vocal brethren.  Please believe that I am simply curious, and appreciate anything illuminating that anyone can offer.  In short, I am sincerely interested in everyone's thoughts.  Period.

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Venice Chronicles

I just wanted to make sure that this was okay. On the profile it said I could advertise the RPG I work for, and I gladly would answer questions about the site. I'm an actress for the site, and would love to pimp it out.

Online there's an interesting Masquerade that's happening. It's called the 'Venice Chronicles'. It takes place in Venice, in no real time frame. There's an entire lore that surrounds the Venice Chronicles as well, and real actors that help guide the story.

It's a Flash based system, that incorporates a AI called Valentina inside. You can use the site to do regular chat, voice chat, and video chat. If you go into the "VIP clubs" you can have up to 5 people Video Chatting. Also it has an ability to do anonymous text messages, and phone calls through a system called JahJa.

Best way to describe it is a SubCulture - Social Network - RPG - with a romantic twist (Venice without a Romantic Twist wouldn't be Venice).

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But the easiest way to experience the Venice Chronicles is to check it out yourself. VeniceChronicles.com. Hope to see you guys there!