June 5th, 2007


Cross Gender Roleplaying

So, I was talking with a DM whose game I was considering joining (I didn't, but for entirely different reasons), and he has an ardent rule against role-playing the opposite gender. I understand his reasons, but it got me curious. Does anyone else have specific rules for, about, or against this kind of thing?

I have a question...

... about this post. Or rather, the responses to it.

Over and over, I hear that males can't play female characters well. But the only arguments I ever hear in support of that idea are the oft-mentioned nymphomaniacal bimbos and ball-busting ice queens. But I always feel like there has to be more to it than that for such a sheer number of people to have "never" seen a female character played well by a male player.

So I have to ask. What is it? Is it really just that "all" males play bimbos and ice queens? Or is there something more? And if there is more... what is it? Vague generalities, specific examples, whatever you've got, I want to hear it. And if you're going to say it's stereotypes other than the two listed above, please, let's hear what those are.
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GURPS Then and Now

I think this is more a lament about than a rant about the direction of the GURPS gameline.

One of the things I liked about GURPS books from the days of 3E was the topics ranged all over the place. Not only did you have books dissecting genres and laying out culture and history, but they covered quirkier topics, like the Mad Lands campaign in GURPS Fantasy II and the pseudo-historical lunacy of GURPS Goblins. Even if you don't care for the system, you were likely to run across a title or topic that piqued your interest.

Now, though, with the advent of GURPS 4E, it's all changed. The books are published much more slowly, due to the demands of more intricate layout and full color printing. Fewer titles per year -- they seem to be averaging two -- and more investment in each one means you won't see the quirky titles they were willing to take a chance on. Add in the fact it's Munchkin that keeps Steve Jackson Games in business, which relegates GURPS books to fourth or fifth on the priority list, and it's kinda sad.

Sure, they're publishing stuff like Lands Out of Time and Technomancer: Funny New Guys through e23, but it's not the same. And it's so slow, partly because of the aforementioned allocation of production resources to Munchkin projects, but also because, I suspect, they're trying to bash through all the major rules and genre books before moving on to more specialized topics -- Martial Arts is due out this August after many delays, f'rex.

I dunno. Just lamenting the changing times, I guess. I wish everyone involved with GURPS and SJG success. I just wish they hadn't changed so radically to do so.

Yet another post on Gender and Gaming

This was originally started as a comment to this post, but it grew way too long.

I've been gaming almost 26 years now (boy, fetch my walker...), in the mid-west and on the west coast, and I've seen three things:

1: Women usually (but not always) play better men than men play women.

2: The number of men who play women well has been increasing, but has not hit parity.

3: The subtlety of cross-gender characters seems to vary with the age of the individual gamer and their generation (how long they've been gaming).

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