May 30th, 2007

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Hi all,

Over the past couple of months I've got some games I've not had a chance to run but want to.
They included ones like True20, Tibet and supplements for Iron Kingdoms and SLA but there were a few I really wanted to run.

* Fates Worse Than Death
* Shadow Project
* Pie Shop
* Eso Terrorists
* Covenant
* Rippers

So that gives me six games and six weeks in a block at the local game club. So I thought I'd try something different and run a different game each week in a demo game / one shot fashion.

So I asked and a friend obliged by giving me six words:


These six words are the starting point for coming up with the scenarios for these games...
And my friendly local randomiser (MS-Excel) has informed me that games match up to the following words:

* Fates Worse Than Death - Sock
* Shadow Project - Paper
* Pie Shop - Cost
* Eso Terrorists - Coating
* Covenant - Bullet
* Rippers - Okay

So far...

I've ran Shadow Project and Ripprs.