May 25th, 2007

The Distant Future

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The PCs kick in the door.

I announce "Oh, this is a fun room," and start drawing the room dimensions on the playing board.

The room is a 30x60 space, with huge puddles of flammable oil on the floor. Oil drips from the ceiling in several spots throughout the room. At each corner, there are stacks of wooden barrels. Black powder can be seen near and on the barrels. In the center of the room, where no oil is dripping, ten zombies are huddled together. On each zombie's head is a lit candle.

The PCs can gather this much information:

1. There's enough powder kegs in each corner to blow up the room. Given the support structure of the dungeon, that would probably cave in several surrounding rooms and corridors as well. And it might block their only exit.

2. If the oil ignites it most likely will set off the powder kegs.

3. The oil is slick and zombies are clumsy. If a zombie slips and falls, that might be curtains for the room.

4. The candles are somehow magical... how else would they still be lit after who knows how long?

I sit back and smile with anticipation, waiting to see what clever, ingenious plan the PCs are going to come up with in order to defeat the zombies without blowing up the room. I can't wait to see what antics they will get into just to avoid setting the oil on fire. I imagine them blowing out the candles as they fight the zombies, or hacking apart zombies only to to catch the severed heads before they hit the ground. I imagine the sorcerer using his boots of levitate and ray of frost just to put out the candle flames... I am really excited about this part of the game and...

...the PCs close the door and say "We'll come back to this one... later."


talk about being a crestfallen DM.
Red Rackham?

DnD geekism

Is there such a thing as a good DnD group? I thought I had finally found one but last session my hopes were shattered...


So the DnD group that I am in is mostly friends and it's a fun group... we don't the rules verbatim, the DM isn't very strict in things and what not... but everyone seems to want to do their own thing... there is no such thing as team work... the moment battles start everyone scatters like, like something that scatters very easily... Generally the more experienced players in the group (there 2 in a party of 6) end up directing everyone out of game... but the DM hasn't griped about this yet so hey...

And the other thing is, everyone is so frigging enamoured with their characters... "Oh my character can do all this!" or "You can do just that, Man, I can do that so much better than you.." and there is no ingame character interaction at all... PCs just don't talk to each other much...

So I decided to scrap my character and make a new one since this one is fairly useless otherwise. When one of the other players found out about this she commented, "Oh, that's not true, we really need a ranged fighter."

Don't see anything wrong with this picture... Well I am a wizard/Recaster built around a storyline that requires PC interaction. My COHORT is a Scout, the aforementioned ranged fighter...


Sigh... I have come to believe that there is no such things as a good DnD group...

DnD is my poison, but I have wanted to try other systems but just haven't found any games in the area.

Sigh again...



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So has anyone played this system? I ran across the book at borders today and it looked interesting... How hard is it to play/run...
that sort of stuff.