May 15th, 2007



Hello everyone!  My name is Jackie, and I just recently joined this community in hopes of finding other RPers like myself.

Truth be told, within the past 8 or so years that I've engaged in different groups or sessions, I've yet to find anything to really cater to my tastes.  For the most part I've dabbled in yaoi RPGs (ugh, I know, please don't tease me XD), but generally I've found nothing more than sex...and more sex.  Not that I have anything against sex, but I'm the type of loser that need a plot with my porno, if you catch my drift.

As for myself?  Well, I have a rather unique sense of humor, which sometimes borderlines on the "dark" side.  I'm also a detail whore, meaning that my posts are ALWAYS at least a paragraph (and by paragraph I mean the textbook definition of 5-6 sentences).  I really can't stand short posts that don't extend beyond a sentence.  

Basically, I'm just looking for a good storyline to get involved in, especially drama and action settings.  The acceptance of homosexuality is a must in my book as well :P

So, that's it.  I look forward to meeting everyone, and hopefully finding somewhere to settle in and deem a surrogate "home".
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