May 13th, 2007

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I could seriously use some advice on this.

I'm kind of at the end of my rope with the Head ST of my local LARP. I love my characters. I love the people I roleplay with. I'm running for a position in the club that I've held for 3 years. But I'm ready to stab the eyes out of the Head ST.

I've ranted about this guy before. But I'm going to attempt to compose this without getting ranty.

4 years ago, I was asked/volunteered to deal with the Website for the club. I updated it, on and off, since then. At the start of this current game (2 years ago), I allowed someone else to help with it, since I didn't have time to give it the face lift that it needed. This person, who we'll call David, created a character bios page. However, for him, this was just a class project (he got his masters degree in Comp Sci yesterday). This meant that when we moved sites the webpage wasn't updated.

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Now back to the Webpage issue. As I said, I didn't want to make character profiles. So I stole an idea from the Camarilla which seems to have worked pretty well. I created a wiki. I added a rumors section. This is where the current issue comes into play.

Before the Wiki went 'live', I asked the STs if the rumors were IC. I wanted them to be and impressed on to the STs how much fun it could be. The current Head ST once again never really gave me an answer. The Wiki went live with the Rumors section intacted, and people started to post them. Then on the message board a forum entitled "The Rumor Mill" where people could PM the STs with rumors and have them posted anonymously. So I went to the ST and said "whats up?" He said that he wanted the rumors to be anonymous, which can't be done with a wiki (cause you hit the history page). So I asked him if that meant if I created an anonymous account for the wiki to post rumors (which I thought no one would actually use cause who wants to sign in and out of their accounts just to post a rumor?) would it then be officially IC. He said yes. I created the new account and even went through the hassle of undoing all of the previous rumors and remaking them under the Rumors account.

Yesterday someone asked about the status of the Rumors on the Wiki. The STs replied that they were just for fun and not IC. The Wiki has died. No one posts there anymore. People are responding to that post saying how they didn't really like the wiki in the first place, even though when I polled on it many more people liked the idea then not.

So yeah, I'm at the end of my rope in dealing with the STs even in a situation like this. This doesn't even account for the issues I've had with my character because of them.

Right now the only thing I can think is that I just completely take down the Wiki, say I'm not doing anything to the Webpage and stay as Admin until August when the STs step down. I've considered not attending anymore, but at the same time, I really like everything else about the game, even though I constantly feel like I'm getting screwed over. Part of the reason why I want to stay as Admin is two fold. One, I don’t particular trust the person I think they’ll give it to (the person who is dating the head ST). In fact, the reason I have to run for my club position is cause she thinks getting it means that she’ll get to be the Admin even though they are two separate things (at least that’s what I overheard her say) and because I have a feeling the minute I step down the Admin will be made a narrator (or given to someone who already is) and I am stubborn. I have ideas as to why they might be unwilling to make me one, but nothing concrete. And if my idea is correct then it’s stupid and dumb.


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