May 2nd, 2007

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Hmmmm....I can work with this.

So..I sent an e-mail out to the players of the Middle Earth RPG that I am running and asked them to do the following:

I was wondering if everyone could send me back a short response and tell me what your characters goals are.  I do not need you to be detailed, a general idea of what kinds of things you are looking to accomplish will be great.  I want to work in some character oriented ideas into the game.

I was thinking that I would get a few things like "I want to become a knight" or "I want to get rid of the left over evil created by Sauron". Simple things to work with right?

Here is what I got back from Shane, one of my players:

My personal character is looking to reestablish his house within the kingdom, develop land and in general create a “family” house that is worthy of mention in the annals of history. So this is basically what I am trying to do:

1.) Establish a name or reputation for my character

2.) Create a personal image of wealth, prosperity and respect within the kingdom with both nobility and common people.

3.) Purchase or acquire land suitable for a kingdom.

4.) Hire and train a personal army as well as commoner defense for the kingdom.

5.) Have a castle built to protect the area as well as a fall back location against enemies.

6.) Develop a trade system from my land to other kingdoms to sell goods and products from the region.

I think I have a little work ahead of me. What do you think? LOL
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