April 26th, 2007


Wisdom of Solomon

Poll #973569 Wisdom of Solomon

If certain nWoD stats had to be re-named, would you (the player) find it less confusing if...

..the shifter renown "Wisdom" was called "Wiseness" or suchlike?
...all spheres used a stat called "Morality", yet used their Humanity/Harmony/Etceterory charts?

So if one had an online text-based MUSH-style nWoD game (that has shifters, mages, vampires, normal folks, etc.) and found that the stat-setting code got all confused over the fact that the Mage "What's bad?" is called Wisdom -and- one of the departments of Shifter renown is also called Wisdom, which would be easier on the player-side of things?

Giving Shifter Wisdom some weird name, or just not changing the name of Morality to whatever each race knows their G vs E scale as (yet still using the proper chart from their proper sphere-specific corebook)?

Oh, and of course there's the 'C Answer' of making one S_Wisdom and the other M_Wisdom, or the 'D Answer' of rewriting the code, but just re-naming one stat is far easier than either of those.

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