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Thursday, April 26th, 2007
3:03a - Wisdom of Solomon
Poll #973569 Wisdom of Solomon

If certain nWoD stats had to be re-named, would you (the player) find it less confusing if...

..the shifter renown "Wisdom" was called "Wiseness" or suchlike?
...all spheres used a stat called "Morality", yet used their Humanity/Harmony/Etceterory charts?

So if one had an online text-based MUSH-style nWoD game (that has shifters, mages, vampires, normal folks, etc.) and found that the stat-setting code got all confused over the fact that the Mage "What's bad?" is called Wisdom -and- one of the departments of Shifter renown is also called Wisdom, which would be easier on the player-side of things?

Giving Shifter Wisdom some weird name, or just not changing the name of Morality to whatever each race knows their G vs E scale as (yet still using the proper chart from their proper sphere-specific corebook)?

Oh, and of course there's the 'C Answer' of making one S_Wisdom and the other M_Wisdom, or the 'D Answer' of rewriting the code, but just re-naming one stat is far easier than either of those.

Crossposted to wod_lj, Shadow 'n' Essence, and When Online RPGs Attack.

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3:44a - Consent in Online RP
(Warning, vulgar language)

So, my sister's got a rant about online RP. Long-winded, a lot of bad words used. I'm curious to hear what people think. I'm kind of stuck in the middle of it, because I've got two staff people on one side, and her on the other (and we don't even have a player base yet....)

So, thoughts?

current mood: discontent

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