April 14th, 2007



So, I'm preparing an Amber MUCK, and my sister pages me.

Take Trump Artistry, Sorcery, and Conjuring.  Combine.

The young man looked at the demon before him, and ran his fingers along the edge of his Trump Deck.  In this Shadow, the true power of the Trump was not to be taken lightly, and the Amberite ... son of Fiona... had learned his lessons well.

"You won't defeat me, demon," he said.  "I have placed my heart within these cards, and they never fail me."  He drew one card, glancing at it even as he subtly shifted the nature of the Shadow.  The card he drew was one he knew well, "I have friends in high places, and I summon... The Dark Magician!"

Rainbow lights flickered over the card as he called his ally from deep Shadow.  The Magician appears, in flowing violet cape, carrying a staff.  Before the demon could even think of responding, the Dark Magician released a powerful blast of Trump energy.  But young Yugi did not hesitate.  He quickly drew his next card, a spell he had prepared in another Shadow, held in stasis until he unleashed it.  Holding up the Trump, he activated it.  "Fireball!"  He revealed another card just behind it, an assembler spell, "Fork!"  Two fireballs ripped from the cards, striking the demon down.

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Campaigns with connections

Poll #966639 Campaign connectivity

Are you a fan of campaigns that are connected to other campaigns/stories? Could be more than one campaign (whether run by the same GM or not) in the same setting, or a campaign set in an established world, or one that has characters that have 'ported' over somehow... or any other connection that you feel might fit.

No experience, but sounds great
No experience, but sounds stewpid

The reason I ask this is I'm running an online game that is set in the year 1943 of the DCU (DC Comics Universe) and is a prequel/loosely connected to another game I ran as well, which was set in an alternate future of the DCU. And I'm working in cameos, either of established DCU characters, or characters who have a connection to characters from the 2043 game.. or characters who fit both bills.

And it's cool, even though most of my players aren't even DCgeeks, that several of them are excited at the cameos enough to msg/email/txt/call me about it. ;)
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Looking for a Conversion

My group is about to try running a Battlestar Galactica (new) game using Jovian Chronicles. Before my co-GM and I beat our heads against the wall trying to build BSG ships in Jovian Chronicles, does anyone know if anyone else has already done this and perhaps posted their conversions online?