April 4th, 2007

Opinions on Elitist Players

I would like everyone's opinion on a situation of mine that just recently been told to me.
I run a Vampire the Masqurade LARP in Fl. One of my players contacted me today while I was at my college's food court. We starting talking about his character's goals and overall direction. After all that, he started telling me that he found a couple of new players. I told him great, bring them to game on Friday. He said that they didn't want to play in my game for one reason and one reason only. I happen to have a Son of Discord in my game. The character used to be a PC (for one night) then he was turned to an NPC afterwards when the player became a Narrator. I didnt take too kindly to all that mess. I didnt understand while something so trivial like a suppose extinct bloodline is in my game is keeping players away. I would understand if their were a legion of Sons of Discord, but there is only one. And currently I left him in game for a side plot. The PCs are now on to him and the Nosferatu are about to contact the Daughters. I mean, even in the Tremere clanbook, they said that there COULD be only last Tremere antitribu out there and thats my reasoning for allowing a SoD in my game.

I would like peoples opinions on these types of players that always have to follow canon all the time or they dont play at all.