March 20th, 2007

Voodoo Dolly

Grimoire #5

Fool's Moon now has Grimoire #5 up for sale.  :)  By CanGames, we hope to also have the Player's Guide and GM's Guide to Mhar.  :)
In addition, we're looking for articles for Grimoire #6 and on, we're opening it up to the public, and if we approve of an article, we pay the writer for it.  We're looking for articles on various fantasy subjects, good reviews of products, and regular columns.
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experience & character advancement in d20

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Idea/Solution: In real life we only improve at things after trying and practicing and failing, so why not improve skills based on usage? If a skill is at +1 then it will increase to +2 after you've failed to use it twice, fail to use it three more times and it raises to +3, etc. This could be broadened to include Base Attack scores and saving throws. Rolls that are nearly impossible and would require a 20 just to succeed wouldn't have any effect on the character's growth or education, since you don't really learn by attempting impossible tasks.

The positive: This makes rolling more exciting because if the character fails then they're a little closer to increasing their skill. It also takes the realisitic aspects of learning into account.

The negative: Characters who have progressed very far and have high skill rolls would fail less and thus learn less. Character advancement would definitely slow at a certain point, unless the GM continued to bring more challenging adversaries into the game - and some players might find the slowing down of character advancement less than thrilling.

What are your thoughts?