March 19th, 2007

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So I'm having a little problem. I'm drawing up characters for a game my husband and I are going to be running at a Convention. The characters I'm making are all from Rashemen. I wanted one of the characters to be a Barberian/Runescarred Berserker.

According to the Runescarred Berserker Prestige Class from Unapproachable East, one of the requirements is having the Survivor Feat and be able to qualify to select regional feats from Rashemen. Survivor in the 3.0 Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting is availible to humans from the Rashemen region. However in the Player's Guide to Faerun, the 3.5 update, Survivor is NOT available to humans from the Rashemen region. Neither the Errata for Unapproachable East or the Player's Guide to Faerun address this.

Is survivor available to humans from Rashemen? If not, is it impossible for a Runescarred Berserker to be from Rashemen*? Other thoughts?

* = You also have the option of buying 2 ranks in Knowlege [local - Rashemen] but since it is cross-class for Barbarians you are looking at a levels worth of skill points, and that also seems to indicate that the person is not actually FROM Rashemen, just has been living there a while.

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