March 17th, 2007


Star Wars Campaign Setting

I'm doing a Star Wars Campaign, and I don't know if any of you have heard about the upcoming Saga edition of the Star Wars RPG- but I'm waiting on it to come out so I can figure out the mechanics of the worlds and campaign I'm putting together. I'm trying to put into the story some elements of peripheral Star Wars lore- Had Abbadon, the Jedi Bendu, the Journal of the Whills, Wild Space... that kind of stuff.

And I was going to model out a few miniatures environments in foamcore. Has anyone ever done this? Any tips, tricks, or good example pages/forums? (I really like pictures)
monk mini

Star Wars, minis

I have not used foam for any of my minis, though I do use them in my games.  I have even used minis in my online games, by taking pictures of them on a grid. 

But I do not have enough star wars minis for that.  I paint mostly minis for my fantasy campaigns.  Now, what I have done with my star wars material is try to convert some of the old Alternity star drive races to star wars (because I was fond of some of them).